Where are the tiles made?
The tiles are manufactured in Vancouver, Canada.

How long have you been making glass tiles?
We started making glass tiles in 1983. We have been perfecting them ever since.

Colors, sizes, patterns

I want a specific color. Can you make it?
Yes, color matches are our specialty. We have experienced glaze professionals and special equipment for this purpose.
How is the tile colored?
Reflections in Glass Tile is colored using the highest quality glazes. The glazes are fused with the glass, so they will not separate or discolor over time.

Is the color uniform?
Yes, the color is uniform within the batch. There are small differences from batch to batch resulting from small variations in raw materials and process techniques.

Do you make custom mosaics?
Yes we do! We will work with you to plan your mosaic and create renderings of the finished product. We will mesh the pattern the way you specify and order the sheets to optimize installation. Please contact your Daltile dealer for more information.

16″ isn’t big enough. How big can you make your tiles?
We manufacture tiles up to 16″x16″ as a standard size. Larger and custom sizes are always an option. We have produced tiles as large as 8 feet long.

Can I mix different sizes of tiles?
Yes! We offer modular sizes so you can mix any sizes while maintaining consistent grout lines. We also offer non-modular sizes to match Daltile ceramic tile sizes. Learn more about our sizes here.

Are your sizes exact?
Yes. We use precise equipment to maintain consistent sizes. However, because we use modular sizes, we must allow space for grout. Therefore our listed sizes are nominal. This means that our 1″ × 1″ tile isn’t actually 1″ × 1″ but rather 25mm × 25mm.

Do you make trim pieces?
Yes. We offer 4 types of trim pieces to provide a smoother transition to a different surface or to round corners. Learn more about our trim pieces here.


Is it easy to install?
Glass tiles are installed with the same care and general instructions for ceramic tiles. However, because glass is different from ceramic and porcelain, some important modifications must be observed. Please review our technical guide, paying close attention to crack isolation membranes, cutting with glass specific diamond blades and the use of a rapid setting polymer modified white thinset.

Can I install the tile on my own?
Yes you can. There are great guides on youtube and each adhesive manufacturer provides detailed instruction. Of course, we offer our own installation instructions here. But if this sounds new to you, perhaps you should consider hiring a professional tile installer.

Can I hire any tile installer to install glass tile?
Of course tile installers should be very familiar with the installation of glass tiles, but we are very happy to assist with instructions and to answer any specific questions that may linger.

How do I prepare a surface for installation?
All substrates should be flat, clean and fully cured. A crack isolation membrane is highly recommended. No claims with respect to cracking will be accepted unless a crack isolation membrane is installed. Tile can be installed directly over the crack isolation membrane using a glass tile specific white thinset.

Do you mount your tiles on mesh?
Small tiles (1/2″ up to 4″) are generally glued to a polyester mesh in sheets to assist the installer with a specific layout and speed up the alignment of assemblies. Larger sizes (generally over 4″ wide) become too heavy and are often supplied loose. Of course you can order the material any way you prefer. If your tile is destined for a wet area, we surface mount a clear film instead for no extra cost. This allows for optimal substrate adhesion and is removed after installation. Please let us know if your installation is wet or dry so we can apply the proper mesh.

What adhesives work best with glass tile?
We recommend the use of a fast setting, two-part, polymer-modified white thinset. Most manufacturers produce glass tile-specific adhesives. Mastics are not recommended. Daltile can provide you with the proper thinset.

What kind of grout should I use with this tile?
Standard unsanded tile grouts are recommended. A new class of polyurethane grouts have been found to work extremely well with glass tiles. You can find these at Daltile.

How much space should I leave for grout?
1.5mm or 1/16″

Can I cut glass tile with a saw?
Glass tiles can be cut with a wet saw. The blade should be formulated specifically for cutting glass (a large number of small diamonds arranged on a continuous rim) to prevent large chunks of glass from chipping away. Straight, end to end cuts can also be achieved using a straight tile cutter. It is important to use generous amounts of water to cool the tile while cutting.

Can I drill glass tile?
Yes, glass can be drilled or cored with a diamond tipped coring bit. Again, use lots of water.


What is the warranty on the tile?
The tiles are warranted to be free of defect for the life of the product. Please see our full warranty information here.

What if I am not satisfied with my tile when I receive it?
Our glass tiles are made to order, so no cancellations will be accepted after production has started. If you are dissatisfied with the product because of quality, please bring that to the attention of your Daltile representative BEFORE installation. They will ensure that all issues are dealt with.

Can I order more of the same tile at a later date?
Yes. However you should expect a small variation in shade, which is normal for every new batch produced. All the materials used to make glass tiles are excavated from the earth, and over time the sources vary slightly in composition. To avoid disappointment, please order extra material. A good guideline is to order 10 to 15% extra.


Does glass tile scratch easily?
Glass is extremely hard. It is equivalent to porcelain and granite – specifically, glass measures a hardness of 6 on the Mohs scale (compared to 1 for talc and 10 for diamond).

How easy is it to clean?
Glass does not absorb anything; that is why it is favored for food containers and cooking. Cleaning is a simple matter of using common soap and water.

How long will glass tile last?
The glass will last indefinitely. Our glazes will never fade or deteriorate.

Is it fragile?
Glass is very strong but it is also brittle. Under normal circumstances, glass will not break or deteriorate, and once attached to a wall or floor, it will be as strong as any other tile; but if you hit it hard or try to bend it, it will break. That said, millions of windows on buildings and cars depend on the strength of glass.

Where to use it

Where can I put these tiles? Outside? In a shower?
Our glass tiles are perfect for interiors and wet areas such as showers and kitchens. Properly textured, Reflections in Glass Tile is also available for floors. They are also excellent in outdoor applications, such as fountains and swimming pools. Be sure to specify the application so that we can manufacture exactly what you need. For example, we manufacture surface mounted sheets for pools and fountains that provide the best possible adhesion to the substrate. There is no extra cost for this service.

Can glass tiles be used in swimming pools?
Glass tiles are excellent for covering swimming pools. The glass resists chemical attack and is easy to clean. Special pieces can be manufactured to cover round corners, stair nosings, and even depth markers. Be sure to specify mesh assemblies to be SURFACE mounted, which provides 100% contact between the tile and adhesive. There is no extra charge for this service.

Can I put this tile on the floor?
Yes, glass tile can be used on floors. However, glass can be very smooth and therefore slippery unless the surface is specifically designed to be slip resistant. Reflections in Glass Tile is not designed to be slip resistant, but we can work with you to apply a slip-resistant coating if needed.


Where do your materials come from?
We source raw materials from top North American manufacturers. Pilkington Glass, who incidentally patented the original method of manufacturing float glass, supplies our raw glass and Ferro supplies our glazes. We hold our suppliers to our high environmental standards.

Are your glass tiles recyclable?
Yes, glass is unique in that it can be reheated and formed again and again into more tiles.

Do you use recycled glass to make your tiles?
In order to deliver consistent colors and quality we use new glass. However, our suppliers incorporate up to 20% recycled glass cullet in the manufacture of the float glass. Of course you can specify recycled content in your specific batch, in which case we will scour our sources to locate glass that can be recycled.

What do you do to help preserve the environment?
We take environmental stewardship very seriously and do everything we can to minimize detrimental effects to the environment. Our conservation practices include

Our production facility was re-purposed from another industry.
Our facility is located next to a major transit station so our employees don’t have to drive to work.
We use a rainwater catchment system on our roof to meet the majority of our industrial water needs.
We have developed products that use our own excess and recycled glass.
We collect leftover newsprint and cardboard from neighboring businesses for use as packing material.
We use exhaust heat from our kiln in a heat exchange system to heat the factory and to dry the glaze onto tiles.
We provide our excess tile to non-profit organizations such as Habitat for Humanity and Re-store.
Glass waste is also crushed into sandblasting material for other industries.

Are harmful materials emitted in your production process?
The firing of glass and glazes does not produce harmful gasses. Some glazes do contain metal oxides that should not be leached into the environment. Once fired, these metals are encapsulated and completely food-grade safe. Excess glaze is melted down into glass before disposal. We fire with natural gas, which is considered relatively clean. This is the state-of-the-art technology today and the most efficient way for us to produce our tiles.


Where can I buy this tile?
Please contact your Daltile representative to place an order.

How long will it take to get my glass tiles after ordering?
Reflections in Glass Tile is made to order in 2-3 weeks. Depending on where you are located, it may take another week to arrive at your location. We provide an actual production date at the time of placing the order.

How much does it cost?
Daltile will be able to provide you a price including delivery to your destination.

Why should I buy your tile if it costs more?
Our tiles may not necessarily cost more than similar products. Our tiles are manufactured with care and attention where our workers are properly paid and our environment is protected. We design all our products locally, source the best quality materials and batch every order to provide a perfect color match. Quality is our main objective.