In Stock Glass Tile

Glass tiles for interior and exterior, residential and commercial projects.
✔ Ready to ship | ✔ Face-mounted, 100% adhesion | ✔ Clear film to ease tile positioning | ✔ White engobe, 100% color protection

4mm glass, glossy finish

Shade variation should be expected in all kiln-fired, glazed tiles.

In Stock Blends

glossy finish

4mm glass

We are glass tile experts

Pool glass tile interstyle
pool glass tile solid sheet mix

Interstyle has been providing glass tile for indoor and outdoor pools and water features worldwide for 45 years. We have taken the best technologies and incorporated these into a series of products specifically designed for use in pools.

Our top-of-the-line pool program offers many benefits to professional pool builders and tile installers. One stop to get your depth markers, trim pieces, and glass tiles face mounted for easy installation.

Make your own mosaic with 4 easy steps

custom mosaic idea
Step 1
Bring us your design inspiration. Drawings, photos, paintings, sketches, or simply a single word.
custom mosaic color
Step 2
Our design team will collaborate with you to bring your idea to life selecting finishes, colors, and sizes.
custom mosaic design
Step 3
We’ll provide you an exclusive rendering including color samples that are specific to your project.
custom mosaic installation
Step 4
A simple and complete installation guide is provided with your order for easy installation.
A word from the artist:
“For the mosaic design at Tunney’s Pasture Station I wanted to create a high impact artwork through the use of bright and vibrant color combinations. I worked closely with the design team at Interstyle to make many custom colors with the perfect matte texture for the glass tile. Their attention to detail throughout every stage of the project was exemplary.”
– Derek Root
A word from the contractor:
“Working with Interstyle was a charm! We received a very professional and detailed shop drawing with sufficient overage of material to allow us to go above and beyond with our customer.
They kept us appraise at every steps of the design process. The quality of the material was impeccable and very well mounted. Their attitude was cordial and accommodating.
They are a very professional Canadian company. We would work with them again .”
– Vincent Lamont at Jacques Lamont Ltd.
A word from the artists:

“The Maple Ridge Community Mosaic is our second large-scale public artwork where we have used Interstyle’s EarthenGLASS tiles. EarthenGLASS is a beautiful material and people like the Canadian-made, recycled-material as much as the amazing tile colors. Public Art can be a complicated process so we are very grateful for all of the expert advice, experience, and support that we’ve always received from Interstyle.”

– Rebecca & David at Spacemakeplace

A word from the contractor:
“Our partnership with Interstyle is essential to our business. Not only do they provide us with high quality, durably product, but they are also accommodating and easy to work with. Their diverse selection gives our clients the ability to create exciting aesthetics without traditional boundaries.”
– Spencer at Bradford Products